Wednesday, November 5, 2008

National Horse Protection League "too soft" on the AQHA?

"Friends of Equines" has spoken with a representative of The National Horse Protection League (NHPL) about our idea of organizing some demos for the AQHA World Show Event through all of Novemeber to take place in Oklahoma City. At first they thought it was a good idea that at least they might support as "a good idea" to their members, but we have since found out they have "nixed" the idea of a real demo against the AQHA but instead propose a simple & easy, but ineffective "cyber-protest" via email bombardment, and asks us for help with slogan ideas;,


Can you spare a few words?

We were so impressed with the response to our recent Horse Hero alert that we decided to ask for your help with another project. This one doesn't require your personal knowledge of any heroes in your area. It just requires your creativity.

We need five (or fewer) simple words that convey your disgust with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) for its support of horse slaughter. You may not know this, but AQHA -- in large part because of its own active encouragement of over-breeding -- has lobbied against legislation banning horse slaughter in the United States as well as legislation prohibiting the export of horses for slaughter and eventual consumption.

It is time we show them that the community of horse lovers in this country finds this completely unacceptable. So here is what we are going to do…

From November 7-22, the AQHA will be holding its annual World Show in Oklahoma City. As this show is taking place, we will ask our supporters to send protest emails to AQHA's leadership. The subject line of the email will be a short phrase that conveys our collective opposition to AQHA's support of horse slaughter. We came up with one idea but want to know if you can come up with something better. Here is our contribution to the effort:

Horse: It's NOT for Dinner!

If you have a short phrase you think might work, send it to, with the phrase in the subject line, by midnight on Sunday (11/9). We will pick our favorite and incorporate it into our action in a couple of weeks.

So put your thinking cap on. We look forward to seeing your phrases and will keep you posted about the progress of this campaign.



Well we "Friends of Equines" have "a few choice words" alright, but they are not anti-AQHA slogan ideas, ....the words we have right now are for the NHPL,.. but we are trying to be polite so will say only this to them;

An electronic protest is THE EASY WAY OUT and is NOT NEARLY as effective as an "in their face" "real human" protest campaign,....your emails ARE NOT seen by the general public and if fact, do nothing to educate. The AQHA BIG WHIGS you propose to bombard with emails will have a good laugh and "poof" away your emails unread and then forget them. They cannot "poof" us away OR stop us from educating the public right under their noses, and that they WILL NOT forget! It will STRIKE TERROR in them IF only we could BE THERE to do it but we CANT do it without help from the National "big Whig" Orgs whos JOB it is to protect, advocate and educate for the horses, and to DRAW NEW SUPPORT for their cause.

Why arent the Mother Orgs organizing some REAL protests? We have plenty of time to do it and our permits for "Friends of Equines" are all in order ALREADY for some OK Demos. Are we going to WASTE this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to let the AQHA (and the public) know how we feel?

UNPLUG your computers and fax machines, and help to organize us into REAL ACTION to put an end to equine slaughter,...a GOOD place to start is with the Racing Industry and the AQHA.....BUT YOU KNOW THAT! What R U Waiting for?

Your idea for a cyber protest is a VERY poor substitute for the real thing, but would work WONDERFULLY if done in CONJUNCTION with the real thing! The Cyber-protest alone is not even worthy of a "nice try" from us. There are NO sacrifices to be made that way. We must SACRIFICE something of ourselves to get the job done. We must TRAVEL and SHOUT our DEMANDS to the "enemies" right in their face! It is the ONLY way. We are so disappointed in the so called "movement." What is wrong with you people afraid to "go all the way" and possibly get the job done in a hurry? Afraid if we got the job done and finally ended the slaughter that you would be "out of a desk job" protecting horses?" GET BUSY and help us GET OUT THERE DEMANDING in the Industrys face for an IMMEDIATE end to Horse slaughter! Nothing less will do. Where do you draw the line in the battle to see it end? Who will go "all the way" in this fight? Friends of Equines will, with OR without any support from the "so-called" anti-horse slaughter "movement" OR Mother Orgs,... cause we know IN OUR HEARTS its the right thing to do and the ONLY way to get the job done...but we cant get it done alone. "We" are only one and will continue to do all that we can on our own, but it is not enough without a UNITED front or a system of support behind us so that we can conduct these demos all across the land whereever and whenever possible. Its dosnet take BIG crowds to do it either, just a few "here and there" dedicated individuals or groups will do, for a start. Once that begins, others will join.

"To Stand by and Do Nothing When WE SHOULD BE Protesting Makes Cowards of Us" - A. Lincoln

Here is our THREE YEAR OLD "World Challange" Petition that is NOT getting any support from the horse-loving horse-rescue-horse protector community. Can you imagine why? Are we that much of a dispassionate lot? Still, we will keep our impassioned pleas to you for assistance, hoping some will "see the light" and help organize us in a real and tangible way. UNITED we stand, Devided we FAIL.


The Anti-Association QH Lovers Fan Club:

Thanks for Caring at least somewhat about the plight of the murdered horses!


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CJ said...

Heres one anyway:

AQHA: Pro-Slaughter All the Way!

CJ said...

AQHA: Have you had your horsemeat burger today?