Saturday, November 22, 2008

19 Registered AQHA Foals to go to Meatmarket Auction Nov. 25th!

The Animali Farm Newsletter
Horses in immediate danger!
November 21, 2008

I just returned from North Dakota, where I spent a week photographing horses that desperately need homes. The "snow season" started the day before I arrived. Beautiful, but not good news for horses needing homes and the ranchers feeding them.

As we approach winter time gets shorter for the horses that we have been working to place. Ranchers have started setting auction dates, needing to reduce their numbers before winter gets any worse.

If you have been wanting to adopt a horse now would be a good time. There are lots of wonderful horses needing homes, and their need is very real.
19 Registered Quarterhorse foals going to auction Tuesday, November 25, 2008. These foals are in Alberta, Canada. The rancher is giving us until Monday evening to get them placed. These are beautiful babies, primarily roans and duns. The rancher has reduced his price and shiping costs are still reduced as long as fuel stays down. If you can take one of these foals please let us know immediately.

We are working with several ranchers that have draft and draft crosses available. All are in immediate need of homes, and if we are not able to place them they will go to auction. Some of these horses are located in Alberta, Canada. The rest are in North Dakota. They are at former PMU ranches that have been working hard to place their horses in the years after loosing their contracts.
Appaloosas in Danger!

We are working with a rancher in Alberta, Canada who has been an Appaloosa breeder for many years. This rancher was not a PMU producer. She is having health problems, and cannot keep all of her horses. This rancher has held on to her horses for as long as possible, but now she really has to find them homes. If we are unable to get them placed they will go to auction.
$200 discounts available on adoption fee's.

Many people have made donations to help reduce the costs of rescuing a horse. These donations have been put into a "pool", allowing us to give a $200 discount 13 horses already. There is enough left for the next 15 horses adopted to get a $200 discount!

With your help we can keep this fund going, and continue placing horses. We accept donations through Paypal, and also personal checks. Thanks so much for helping!

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