Thursday, April 2, 2009

Supporters Donate $14K for Abandoned Horse's Care

The AQHA Could Take a Lesson Here, on How to REALLY Care for a Horse!


Liz Brown
March 31 2009,

The foster owner of a horse that was abandoned in Mesa, Ariz., says the outpouring of support for the gelding's recovery has been "tremendous."

The Thoroughbred, named Solo Vino by rescuers, was brought to Gwen Cleary's farm on March 3, after her neighbors found the abandoned horse, who was emaciated and had a large open wound in his head.

Solo Vino on March 3.
Cleary contacted Equine Voices Rescue's Karen Pomroy about Solo Vino, and together they have been working to help him make a full recovery.
Pomroy has been accepting donations for Solo Vino's care. So far people have donated about $14,000. Cleary said Solo Vino's veterinary care alone has already cost $8,000.

"He had an infected wound on his head, his legs were swollen, and his front right foot has severe ringbone," Cleary explained.

The gash in Solo Vino's head was three inches long, his skull was fractured, and the right side of his nuchal ligament was also detached from the skull.

In March, the gelding underwent surgery to remove bone fragments from the wound and to repair his nuchal ligament. Solo Vino is on antibiotics to fight infection while his head heals. He is also receiving treatment for his arthritis.

The Maricopa County Sheriff is currently investigating and is offering a $1,000 reward in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call 602/876-1681.

"We still need help for him," Cleary said, adding that even a donation of a couple of bales of hay, or a bag of feed, is a great help.

Donations to the Solo Vino fund can be made on the Equine Voices and Rescue Sanctuary Web site.

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