Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nutrena "in bed" with AQHA, AHC

Nutrena Feed Supports Horse Slaughter

We must not suppot any companies that support horse slaughter. Do not buy from them.

Hello Patricia,

Thank you very much for sharing your concern with us, and I do apologize for the delay in responding to you.

We stand behind our partnership with the AQHA. We at Nutrena, alongside the AQHA, are partnering with the American Horse Council, the governing body of the Unwanted Horse Coalition, to help solve the bigger issue of educating horse owners to be responsible so that someday we can achieve a point where slaughter does not even need to be considered as an option. If you are not familiar with the UHC, I encourage you to visit their website at to learn more about what they are doing to help with this issue.

Thank you,

Gina Thesing


My email to them:



Just so you know I do not support horse slaughter for human consumption. I will not buy anything from Nutrena because you have AQHA on your feed bags. AQHA is a major supporter of horses being slaughtered and American quarter horses are the largest breed on the trucks going to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. If you want anyone to buy your feed then I suggest you not be pro slaughter.


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