Monday, October 27, 2008

No "Dissenting Voice" 4 the Horses @ AQHA World Show Events?

No "Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter" available to Protest
the Upcoming American Quarter-Horse Association World Show in
Oklahoma City, OK, Nov. 7th -27th,2008? What a shame! You'all know
that the AQHA is responsible for over half of all horses going to

Are we going to let them get away with it or are we going to protest
against their policies (or lack thereof) and DEMAND "in their face"
an end to QUARTER-HORSE slaughter at this WORLD CLASS event?

No "Friends of Equines" to Protest in Oklahoma?
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**"Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter" will have permits in
place for the entire duration of the event for any "Friends" (one or
more, up to 25) that may be wanting and/or able to attend this event
to protest and demonstate against the AQHA. Just know this: Thousands
upon thousands of us who cannot make it ourselves will be with you in
spirit if you go, and your educational efforts alone will indeed do
alot of good in helping to spread the word about horse-slaughter and
the AQHA, and doing it "right under their noses" to their own
embarassment. Subjecting them to public ridicule is the "meat" of our
campaigns, and the part we enjoy the most,...the "education' the
public stuff" is just gravy! The actions have a "two-pronged" effect.

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"Whatever your fight, dont be lady-like!"
-Mother Jones

"Fight like their lives depends on it, cause they do!"

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Anonymous said...

Have you not seen what closing down the slaughter houses has done to your horse market? Have you not opened your eyes to the reality of the consequences to the falsely emotional plea to end all slaughter? Do you have the wherewithal to keep all the unwanted, ill, dangerous or chronically lame horses until they die? Look at what closing the US slaughterhouses has gained you. A completely crashing horse market. Unwanted horses being disposed of in horribly inhumane ways, shipped south to slaughterhouses with no controls over the humane or ethical treatment of the horses put in their "care", or left to just wander aimlessly in the wild where they have never been before. Overflowing "rescues" whose time and energy could actually be spent on true "rescue" cases instead of looking after someone else's inability to take responsibility for their own animals. Shame on you for not looking at the bigger picture and letting your emotions get in the way of reality. The AQHA is not responsible for the horses that go to slaughter. Irresponsible breeders are the core of the problem not one organization who is a REGISTRY of horses. The AQHA does not create all the Quarter Horses out there, THAT responsibility goes to the breeders, NOT the organization. It is not the AQHA's "fault" that the largest breed representation in the US happens to be the American Quarter Horse. If you were to research the real facts you will find that of the distribution of breeds represented in the US, there is not a disproportionate amount of QH's vs. any other breed in the slaughterhouses - there are just more QH's in the country, PERIOD. Do the math as to how then the QH will be represented in any random grouping of equines. However that would require thinking, rationality, study, research and logic. The AQHA took a stance on slaughter after researching the potential consequences of NOT having the slaughter houses or rendering plants available and what the long term ramifications would be to the horse industry itself - regardless of whether they go for human consumption or to be rendered, that is not the real issue, it is simply another point to debate to keep the focus from the real problems in the industry. As the largest registry of horses in the US the AQHA felt it was a very important issue to research and to debate and one they needed to be a part of DUE to their size. This topic was discussed publicly with the AQHA membership, published in the monthly AQHA Members' magazine and the AQHA did not hide it's internal debate or its position on the topic from the members. Members at all times are welcome to voice their opinions, show up at the annual and general meetings... that is what being a member of an organization is all about. Did you visit the AQHA offices, sit and talk with the directors and discuss WHY they took the road they did? You might be enlightened. I love my QH's as I love all Equines. I believe that the sole responsibility for the care and welfare of my animals rests in MY hands. However I am also realistic and have an eye to the future of the horse industry. Something sadly lacking in the anti-slaughter groups. Don't let your emotion of the moment rule your brain, USE your brain and see what the truth of the matter is. Not a single person thinks it's a pretty picture to see a horse going to slaughter or to the rendering plant, however you cannot just bury all your equine friends under a tree like you can your favourite cat. THINK about the consequences to those plant closures. THINK about what has happened to the industry because of that action that was spurred on by emotion, not logic.

CJ said...

Some people just dont get it.....some people never will. The closing of the horse slaughter plants in the USA has absolutley nothing to do with the "state of affairs" of our horses today. Why? Because we are still slaughtering our American horses only in numbers GREATER than before, sending them to Canada & Mexico.
So, I hope you can see how rediclious an argument it is to blame the closing of the US plants on the "over-popultion" of horses in this country. If people cant afford to feed their animals it is an ECONOMIC problem, nothing more. They always have the option of trying to re-home them through the rescues or other sources, and dont forget humane euthansia....there is help for those who REALLY cant afford it. Slaughter should NEVER be used as a population control. Slaughter is "reserved" for food animals and in the USA the horse IS NOT an food animal....although the USDA and the pro-slaughter folk would LOVE to corner the market on horseflesh cause they know what a lucrative market there is for it. The USDA has an "official" list of approved food animals and the horse (or cats & dogs) are NOT on that list and we intend to keep it that way,...its as simple as that. Anyone who cant see what equine slaughter is really all about needs to read up some more and do their homework. Its all about the almighty BUCK and NOTHING more.
As for who will take care of all the "unwanted" horses if the slaughter ends,....the answer is simple,......those who are producing the most will BE MADE pay for their care or STOP producing so many....We are giving them "Breeding Dis-incentives," and we are targeting only the TOP TEN Millionaire Club Producers, the "Puppy-Millers" of the equine world. Belive it or not, its NOT your backyard breeders causing the "brunt" of the problem, is the "rich, Big-Whig Industrialites" cranking out HUNDREDS of foals a year,.....the worst of them (the breed registries) are the AQHA and the racing (TB STB) industries. We are not out to take tax breaks from the poor but only to hold the worst offenders responsible, and they happen to all be rich (off of the blood of the horses) and are perfectly able to pay into a general "registered american equine" retirement fund....they just need a little prompting and if we dont do it, who will?

CJ said...

Anonymous, also, one more thing I would like to say in response to your comment that the AQHA is "only" a breed registry and isnt responsible for producing any horses,.....I guess you forgot that the more horses they get registered the more money they make, so they have ALWAYS promoted breeding,as it is in their own self-interest to do so. ....HOWEVER, of late they are are OPENLY promoting even MORE breeding "changing the face of the AQHA" as you can read in the AQHA VPs annual report where he admits that "now" they are "officially" in the breeding incentive business, because they are WORRIED ABOUT A HORSE SHORTAGE, and urging its members to take advantage of the $444 Million Dollars in tax breaks and breeding incentives that were in the recently enacted Farm Bill & Economic Stimulus Act,....the AQHA is urging its members to "Breed Baby Breed." So do you still think they have no responsibility in producing "unwanted" horses. Before you answer it would do well for you to remember that over HALF of ALL horses sent to slaughter are REGISTERED AMERICAN QUARTER HORSES. What say you Now?
Here is a link to the AQHA VPs annual address to its members, may have to "cut & paste" the link to your web browser or go to the AQHA website and find the annual VP address;
Thanks for caring.