Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Professional" Quarter-Horse Breeder Sells Direct to Slaughter -

Admits "You have to breed 100 horses to get two good ones."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps somebody ought to send that fat shit-for-brains bitch to a slaughterhouse. Common sense dictates that over-breeding is inhumane and just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

hey Anonymous.....everything you just said, RIGHT ON

signed, susie sansbury

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this website and it's very interesting.My husband and I have bred and raised registered QH for over 20 years. We do not breed in volume, only 12 mares at the most. We are not a big operation as we lease our faciity and is nothing special. I know horse slaughter is a touchy subject, but we believe in it ONLY if the horse is injured or very sick, which very seldom occurs to us, but we have buried horses instead of sending them to slaughter. We are member of AQHA but do not agree with them letting large breeders use surrogate mares to get lots of babies from one stud because the owners think he's the greatest thing since God. That's why the horse market is glutted. The big guys brainwash people into thinking they have the best. We breed horses for ranch work, roping and cutting. We take care of our horses - shots, worming, oats, hay - and it doesn't come cheap. We sell our babies every fall and get anywhere from $350 - $2,000, which we think is pretty good. We're not getting rich, we just enjoy seeing the babies each spring and playing with them, halter breaking them for the sale. We are animal lovers to the hilt. The woman in this article should be banned from ever registering any more QH. She's not my type of person.