Saturday, September 27, 2008

AQHA Worries About "Horse Shortage," Tells Members to "Breed Baby Breed!"

From the AQHA's Industry Newsletter, written by executive VP;

"..Now our challenge becomes looking at ways to introduce an “equine economic stimulus package” that will boost registration numbers so we don’t have a horse shortage in a few years – one that will supply good quality, usable horses for a membership of around 345,000-350,000. This somewhat changes AQHA’s role in the industry because we have always assumed that we don’t “control” the supplier – in our case that would be breeders. But perhaps there are things the Association can do to encourage people to breed enough good horses to meet today’s demands..."

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Lori said...

The AQHA and its breeding agenda makes me so sick! Why do they continue to encourage people to breed more foals? The way I hear it, a lot of those foals aren't even making it to their first or second birthday these days. The account below is from two days ago at an auction in North Dakota.

"Yesterday was our monthly horse auction in Mandan, ND at Kist.

There where quite a few horses even though the numbers where down.

I only made the second half of the sale but I understand that an entire semi
load of young unsold foals ended up being given to the Zoo for horse meat. I
talked to one person and found out that the truck had already been loaded
and gone before I got there.

We did pull a QH filly for $15. The kill buyers weren't paying much and being
very selective because of the market.

I was told that the Canadian market is so over horsed right now that they
are limiting how many horses can be taken in."